Planning a Marriage Proposal

Call it a cultural rite of passage; a step along the way of transitioning from boyhood to manhood; taking the plunge; yes, we are talking about the wedding proposal.  It can be a mixed bag of emotions on trying to figure out what to do, how to do it, when to do it, where to do it, but hopefully NOT should one do it.  Hopefully one has decided it is the next logical step in ones relationship.

Is it ok to be confused?  Is it ok to feel lots of emotions that makes one feel uncomfortable?  It sure is.  For most women, being proposed to has been a daydream well thought out since childhood, so they already have lots of images in their minds about how they want it to go…and something most of us men have not spent years pondering.  At least I was more concerned about playing basketball and legos growing up, and not planning the perfect wedding.

Below are some ideas on different ways to pop the big question.  These are fun to look at in starting to think of different options.  However, I think the best thing to do though is to use ones own creativity.  Your soon to be wife has fallen in love with you because of the type of person you are.  So the best thing you can do in deciding on the best marriage proposal is to have it be from your heart and not something completely different from who you are.  Yes, you will probably want to step out of your comfort zone some, for the proposal should be different than anything else you have done with your partner so far, but it is still just you and her.

The following website is really well laid out and has lots of good examples.

This website has a very no nonsense guy approach to writing.  I like that they give the advantages and disadvantages to the different proposal types offered.  I know it can be easy to not think everything through at times.

Of course BuzzFeed has ideas too…and there are some good ones to say the least.  If you are not a video gamer just scroll past those ones.  I like the one from the guy who made a movie trailer to ask the question.

Some of these proposals may be difficult to arrange, but they are cool to look at for fun since they are in video format.

I am a sucker for video proposals..really like this one:

That should give one a good starting point in planning a wedding proposal.  It is one of the best feelings in the world to be at the point of thinking about a proposal!  Do not lose sight of that and the reasons why you feel the way you do about your partner.  Enjoy!

Written by Craig KesslerCraig Kessler

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