Brangelina Wedding Day Details

Brangelina got married! After 2 years of feyonced bliss, they actually made it official! And although we entirely respect and are kind of amazed that they kept their event completely secret and intimate, it has been a painful week awaiting the wedding photos to emerge. Well agonize no more! Angelina and Brad released the photos to a couple of publications just yesterday!

Brad Pitt andAngelina Jolie Wedding Kiss

Here’s what we are loving:

First off, the wedding location. A 1,000 acre private french estate called Chateau Miraval in La Val, France (take a look at all the deets on ABC News). Marrying over-seas in one of the most romantic countries on the planet sounds like a complete dream to us. And even though you might not have a 1,000 acre french vineyard estate, there are ways you can make a dream wedding like this your reality…

Brangelina french estate

Second, the theme. Everything about this wedding event was child-oriented, from Angie’s dress and veil to the cake! We are not saying all wedding events have to have a fun, colorful, kid theme. However your wedding style should be one of the first things you talk about and figure out with your partner.

Third, can all of us just take a collective sigh in awe of Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress and veil. What a wonderful way to integrate the people you love into your wedding. We are seeing a wedding trend being set before our very eyes. Whatever way you do it, it’s certainly a beautiful way to include your loved ones into your wedding. Nevertheless, be prepared to trade in your prettiest penny for it according to one TIME magazine article.

Angelina Jolie Wedding Veil

Some of the biggest costs of a wedding event are food, flowers, lighting, and the wedding gown.

Our greatest guidance when beginning the wedding planning journey is: LOCK DOWN A BUDGET PLAN!

And, obviously, being a mega celeb and certainly learning lots of styling tips over the years, Angelina’s appearance was perfect. But you do not have to be an A-lister to know how to style yourself, particularly on your wedding day. What do you want to be the focus? For Angelina it was the remarkable wedding veil and dress made by Atelier Versace, designed by her youngsters. So everything else was minimal, natural makeup, hair pulled back in a slick bun, and next to no jewelry… other than, naturally, her 16 carat engagement ring!

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Feyonces everywhere: when you initially become feyonced, relax. Get some wedding planning magazines to flip through or search online for some celebrity wedding images. We know (oh do we know …) you may not be a celeb and you might not be in the 1 %, however you CAN use these gigantor budget weddings as a guide. YOU CAN DO THIS.

Basically, we love everything about Brangelina’s wedding and will definitely be referring back to this wedding event many times in the future.

Make sure to check out the full article on Feyonced!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Family Wedding Photo


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