You’re Feyonced, Now What?

Columbia SC Wedding Planning Feyonced Engagement RingHe asked, you said yes! Congratulations! You have taken that gorgeous pic of the ring and are still gathering likes on Instagram. You’re discussing gowns and bridesmaids and that cute Do It Yourself centerpiece you pinned on Pinterest. The next thing to do is, undoubtedly, to take engagement photos, right? So you start trying to find photographers in your location. You find one that you absolutely love. Then the e-mail arrives, the rate for an outdoor engagement session with two looks including hair and makeup. Pardon me, but what?!? Not only did you have no real clue what to anticipate as far as prices for engagement photos, but you have not TRULY thought of how much the entire sha-bang is going to cost and how an engagement photoshoot fits in with everything else.

Here are the Very first Three Things the Columbia SC Bride-to-be Should Consider When Planning a Wedding:

First things first, be realistic. It’s totally fine to unwind and enjoy being feyonced in the beginning. Give it a week or so. But once you and yours are prepared to begin planning, go hard. Throughout your relaxation period, get obsessed with the wedding portion of Pinterest, get a few bridal publications to thumb through, Google celeb weddings for even more inspiration; however don’t let all the inspo overwhelm or overly excite you. When you begin planning the wedding, begin with constructing a foundation, the essentials.

Likewise, among the first things you should talk about with your partner is the spending plan. Talk with your families and among yourselves and come up with a sensible budgeting plan. And remember the average cost of a wedding in America is about 30,000 dollars.

Columbia SC Wedding Planning
Next, figure out if your wedding will be themed or the color scheme you’ll be using. If you are planning to have a Disneythemed wedding or a sunflower themed wedding or a rustic themed wedding or your colors are blush cream and gold, you may want to tie that in with your engagement photos and save-the-dates. And figuring out your theme in the very beginning makes planning for everything else less difficult, less frustrating, and more arranged.

After you have figured out how much you’re able and going to invest on your wedding and you know your style, it’s time to discuss who will be enjoying this remarkable day with you. Early on, creating a seating chart and locking down the number of witnesses is not necessary. However, it is a great idea to decide on if you are planning for a very intimate wedding, a massive show offy wedding or something in between.

Having a general idea for the size of the guest list will certainly help in selecting a location and planning the rest of your budget plan. Commemorating your marriage with individuals you love and enjoy is definitely splendid experience, however guests cost money. Go back to your budgeting strategy. Is having a lot of guests something that is vital to both you and your partner?

When you discover your partner, unifying as one is among the most wonderful, jubilant, happy moments in life. Your wedding day ought to be a day for celebrating your love and unity, not appeasing others. And planning your wedding together ought to be enjoyable! We want to assist you make it enjoyable by helping you with every process and detailing every step.

To read the entire article, check out the Feyonced website!


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