Our main goal is to share as much as possible about wedding planning and everything that goes into it while starting that procedure ourselves.

We are both romantics with an intense love for each other, planning, organizing, and rather things. But even for us, planning a wedding can be frustrating sometimes. The number of individuals do we welcome? Where should we go? Exactly what’s our spending plan? Should we just elope? What can we DIY? Suit or kilt? … Okay possibly you don’t have to worry about that last one.

But as much STUFF there is out there in cyberspace about wedding motivation and planning, there isn’t a central location that brings everything together ~ huge pieces and little details ~ and (this is crucial) is easy to navigate and classified so diligently, it’s impossible to be overwhelmed. A minimum of, we have not found anything like that.

Feyonced is a place any feyonce can opt for inspiration, suggestions, pointers, timelines, etc and (hopefully) feel calm and in control about his or her approaching union. Located in Columbia, SC, we offer links, biographies, short articles, and examines about local suppliers, locations, shops, and individuals that we believe can help make the Columbia, SC feyonce’s dream wedding become a reality.

If you do not stay in South Carolina however are considering getting married in the beautiful Palmetto state, Feyonced can help you too! If you do not reside in SC and are not planning on seeing our beautiful locations with your smiling faces, Feyonced can assist you too! While we are localized to a certain degree, we likewise post, link, and share inspiration from all over and the useful ideas that we discover along the method can come in convenient for any feyonce anywhere!

He put a ring on it … now what? The very first step: inform your mom. 2nd step: have a look at feyonced and have a good time planning the best day of your life.

Feyonces rejoice.


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