What to do After the Wedding Day

Wedding Dress Planning Columbia SC

So you gracefully made it through the engagement, wedding planning, and wedding and it’s time for the honeymoon and relaxation. Sort-of. Here we are going to detail a few of the things you will want to prepare yourself ahead of … Continue reading

You’re Feyonced, Now What?

Columbia SC Wedding Planning Feyonced Engagement Ring

He asked, you said yes! Congratulations! You have taken that gorgeous pic of the ring and are still gathering likes on Instagram. You’re discussing gowns and bridesmaids and that cute Do It Yourself centerpiece you pinned on Pinterest. The next … Continue reading

Feyonced Poll

Hello blogosphere! Thank you so much for visiting Feyonced’s blog! Please visit our website for it’s official launch Monday September 1, 2014. Until then, help us get started with our very first poll of the week!